American Business Forms & Envelopes

Stephen Leary, CEO

Bill Atkinson, President and CEO of Atkinson Strategic Communications, a Baltimore-based public relations firm, talks with Steve Leary, the owner of American Business Forms & Envelopes.

American Business Forms & Envelopes is a leading supplier of high quality printed business envelopes, tickets, stickers, labels and business forms. Even in the digital age, the company is growing at a brisk pace and has grown every year since Steve acquired the Baltimore-based company in 2003.

Interview Questions: 

Q1: Tell us about your company and what it does?

Q2: What is the market for this kind of business?

Q3: What is the competitive landscape?

Q4: Is your company growing?

Q5: How is your company structured?

Q6: Are your clients based in the United States?

Q7: Can you tell us about the video on your website?

Q8: What keeps you up at night?

Q9: What are the advantages and challenges of running a family run business?

Q10: Where is the company 5 years from today?

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