News Direct

Gregg Castano, CEO and Founder

I’m honored today to interview Gregg Castano, the CEO of News Direct. News Direct is redefining the content and news distribution industry.

The News Direct platform was designed and built from the ground up – to reinvent content delivery, to re-engineer workflow, to revitalize metrics and ROI, and to bring security and pricing into the 21st century. Watch out BusinessWire and PR Newswire.

Q1: About News Direct – You spent most of your career at BusinessWire. How did your vision for rewiring media outreach and launching News Direct come out of that experience?

Q2: Platform v. Wire Service – News Direct is being positioned as a platform rather than a wire service. Why?

Q3: Features – News Direct has many features including a collaborative content studio, social media integration and actionable analytics. Tell us about your exclusive solutions?

Q4: Business Model – Your pricing model is also different from the other wire services. Please explain.

Q5: Team – Tell us about the team that you have assembled for News Direct?

Q6: Game Plan – What is your game plan?

Q7: Funding – What is the funding to date? Are there any capital raises planned this year?

Q8: Disruption – News Direct commissioned a research firm to determine the pain points ? What were the key findings of their research?

Quotes – 

“We deliberately didn’t put the word ‘wire’ in our name; we wanted to stay away from that language and call ourselves a platform, because that’s what we really are”

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