Rich Caserta, Founder and CEO

Rich Caserta is the founder and CEO of Brandxpander, a production agency headquartered in Philadelphia. Created to give businesses better control over their marketing and creative department costs, Brandxpander describes itself as an “agency in the cloud” that provides its clients with flexible, round-the-clock access to a team of experienced project managers, designers, developers, and creative strategists. The company also offers a white label version of its software, so users can brand and customize the platform when pitching ideas or their business.

EDWIN WARFIELD: How did the company get started?

RICH CASERTA: Brandxpander launched in 2014. The company is a creative production platform. It’s designed to allow people to work from wherever they want to work from, and really, we serve as their back office creative center. The platform has a combination of two things: there’s technology through the platform, where you can execute creative projects through the platform; and you get a dedicated creative team to be able to execute those projects.

Q. What made you decide to move from New York to open this company?

A. New York has so many wonderful agencies, and I had a lot of great experiences there. That’s really where I learned how an agency works, and the different components to an agency. For me, it was really taking sort of that knowledge and bringing it into what I see as really Main Street—to provide you know, that sort of strategic thinking and applying that into a platform that other people can leverage and empower them to be able to do things that maybe they could not do before.

Q. What kinds of clients do you serve?

A. Brandxpander works for a series of clients from the small business owner to enterprise clients, to advertising agencies. We serve as their support system. They can leverage the platform and utilize it to execute projects faster and more efficiently, and also save money. One of the other nice things about the platform is it’s white label, so you can put your own brand on the platform and leverage that infrastructure, sort of a plug-and-play infrastructure, as your back office.

From a subscription standpoint, there’s a lot of different options. It’s really based on project workflow, the amount of projects you’re going to be doing in the course of a month. If you are someone who’s a one-person shop or you only have a couple of people, your project workflow maybe different than a mid size larger company that is doing a lot of volume. We base it on the amount of projects that you can submit per month through the platform, and we do that because we give you a dedicated creative team to support your business. You have everything from a project manager who is skilled in digital and print, to the infrastructure of developers and designers that can execute any of your projects from print to websites to banner ads. The nice thing about it is you don’t have to worry about finding talent, about managing the talent, about worrying about if the talent is going to walk out the door tomorrow. We give you that whole infrastructure and it’s all done through the platform.

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