Steve Wray, CEO

Steve Wray is the CEO of CloudMine. Founded in 2011, CloudMind is a HIPAA compliant data enablement platform for healthcare that removes barriers to collaboration between providers and organizations across the industry, thereby driving innovation and providing better outcomes for patients. The platform, which was designed with security, compliance, and scalability in mind, is used by organizations such as Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Biomeme, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Digitas Health, and many more.

JEFF MACK: Describe the company and what it provides to healthcare organizations.

STEVE WRAY: CloudMine basically provides a platform, called the Connected Health Cloud, for healthcare and life sciences customers. The reason for the Connected Health Cloud being an important component of the future of healthcare is that unfortunately, despite trillions of dollars being spent in healthcare technology over the course of recent years, it largely remains disconnected. That creates barriers to successful delivery of care, the flow of data and the accessibility of data across the healthcare continuum, and frankly, creates a security risk for a number of players within that environment. CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud actually addresses all three of those needs.

Q. Can you tell us about the history of the company?

A. It’s a fascinating history. My hat’s off to the founders—they had a vision, which founders often do—that has sustained, which is a challenge to make sure that it does. The company started as a mobile backend as a service provider, which gave it an affinity towards developers across a multiple number of verticals. So, they really didn’t have a healthcare focus in their origin, but their strength as a mobile backend services provider has given them the ability to understand some of the inner workings and the nuances that were aligned with the complexity of healthcare as they moved into it.

The company only pivoted into healthcare a little over a year ago. It’s pretty impressive—again, hats off to the founders and the team at CloudMine—that they built solid use cases as proofs of concept across a number of different customer sets that have now proven as incredibly valuable and really scalable as this market starts to now want to leverage the Connected Health Cloud at an enterprise-level.

Q. How does the platform stand to change the status quo in healthcare?

A. I think the timing for Cloud Mine and the Connected Health Cloud is absolutely here and now. The marketplace has gone from one where there have been a variety of proofs of concept, that have been executed as companies attempt to innovate in the cloud and to start to address their needs for greater agility, greater ability to move data across the continuum of care, and—as they are adding more and more technology to their stack—having a more cohesive end-to-end technology experience. CloudMine answers all of that. But first and foremost, the Connected Health Cloud is fully secure and fully compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST, and ISO 27001, which is critically important to healthcare and life sciences customers.

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