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Terry Williams, CEO

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Terry Williams is the founder and CEO of Cross X Platform (CXP) and its subsidiary, ORS Partners. Drawing on his 30-year career as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Terry leverages his expertise in talent acquisition and business management to help emerging companies grow. CXP is a human capital shared services platform that allows executives to improve their organizations’ sales, recruitment, leadership, and more. ORS works with its clients to solve complex business issues through strategic outsourcing and hiring solutions. Other companies founded by Terry include TWC Group (formerly T. Williams Consulting), Movitas, and NextStage Capital. Additionally, he currently serves on the board of directors for Net Nanny, and on the board of governors for the Sixers Innovation Lab.

Terry Williams spoke with Jeff Mack of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank for this interview.

JEFF MACK: How did Cross X Platform get its start?

TERRY WILLIAMS: We created Cross X Platform four years ago based on the passion that I have for building and growing companies, and selling them as well. ORS was incubated out of Cross X Platform. Cross X Platform is a portfolio of companies, all in the human capital function. We have a back office that incubates to build scale businesses with the idea of selling them in a 5- to 10-year period.

Q. What about ORS Partners?

A. ORS Partners stands for Outsourced Recruiting Services. The history of ORS Partners is based on a legacy company, TWC Group, which we can talk about later. TWC was a company that I had founded back in 1996 that we grew to well over 100 employees, and which was also in the business of building and scaling ventured-backed companies. We sold TWC in December of 2007.

Q. What does ORS specialize in?

A. The passion we have at ORS is built around the idea of education. We teach the profession of recruiting, which no other company does. You can’t get a college degree or an education in America today for the profession of recruiting. We bring in individuals and we teach them not only how to recruit and to source, to find talent—talent ID—but we also teach them account management; client assimilation; strategies, systems, and process; so that continuous education puts them in the best position to be the best consultants or professionals in that business.

The White Label Recruiting Solutions at ORS is really our value proposition. It puts us in a position where our employees actually act as your employees. We have about 70 employees today—they’re on-site and actually carry our clients’ business cards. It’s really seamless. It’s the idea that we have the talent, we have the methodologies, we have that process. Also, it’s a very flexible and scalable solution, which CEOs of fast-growing and scalable businesses are looking for.

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