David Carberry, CEO

David Carberry is the CEO of Enradius. With offices in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Florida, and Michigan, Enradius is a digital marketing and advertising company that harnesses geo-targeted applications and data to help clients find and reach their ideal customers. Enradius divides its services into two groups—retail and B2B—and specializes in pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, and video, all targeted by location. David brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and radio to his role at the company.

EDWIN WARFIELD: Can you give us some background about your career and what brought you here?

DAVID CARBERRY: I started in radio when I was 18, did promotions, and then became sales representative, and then sales manager. Then, from there, I ended up going into web development side. I was at the G3 Group, and we were building web sites. I learned SEO and SEM, and then from there I went to Advertising.com, and was working with their entire search division. I headed up the search department on that side.

From there, I went back into local media and was helping with digital sites from Radio One to CBS Radio. What I had seen from the media side was they were starting to get into the programmatic space where sales reps were going out and selling ads. And coming from the Advertising.com side of it, that’s exactly what we’d been doing 10 years ago. So, when they’re working with clients directly, I just felt that there was a better way to do it, and that’s how Enradius got started.

Enradius was really something that I’d wanted to do since 2011. I came up with the name, I designed the logo, and I just thought, at that moment in time, technology wasn’t there, so it just took a little bit of technology to kind of catch up where my head was at that point. I self-funded. I quit my job. Normally you’ll see start-ups happening with 20-some-year olds, and typically somebody that’s been through their career doesn’t start up this late, but it was something that I wanted to do. It’s a desire and a passion I have, and I felt we can do it better.

Is it a busier space now than it was when you first envisioned the company?

Right now, in the technology space, there is really no new technology that’s out in the marketplace. I will be interesting to see what happens with the technology and how it changes. Video is changing, so I think that’s going to be a big game changer. For us, the way we’re looking to expand is we have our operations here in Baltimore, so we’re building up our ops team, and we’re hiring sales reps across the country really to grow our base.

What kinds of clients do you serve?

The three types of clients that we work with are direct [clients], and we also work with ad agencies and we help ad agencies really support their digital department in some cases where they might not have that ops team. The third is we work with media companies. We’ll act as a distributor; then, as they’re publishing and they have a sales team that’s out there reselling, we work with their sales teams. We train their sales teams. We show them how to sell digital properly.

Is it important to make those services into products?

For the products, we’ve actually created a product already that we’re out selling to automotive companies. It’s called Conquest Guard. Conquest Guard is the ability to zone into an actual automotive dealership, which is exciting for us because when we work with auto dealers what they seem to find is that their competitors are all-around trying to go after their space: they’ll go in and place an ad—the competitors will go in and place an ad and zone around that dealership. Our goal is to go in and buy the inventory around that car dealer. So, it’s really more of an insurance policy to prevent other car dealers from going into their zone. One of the products we created was Conquest Guard in that aspect.

The other area that we want to get into is health: digital services for health. We’ve got somebody on board that came from a video company and she started up our health division: the Enradius Health side.

So, yes, productizing is really important for us as we’re adding services to client, but at the same time we want to really kind of create something that’s out in the marketplace.

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