Dale Kelley, Presiden and CEO

By Henry Mortimer

If you can remember the origins of the phrase, “I gave at the office,” you’re probably not a millennial. But if you employ or work with one or more, and want to attract and retain them, then it’s time to get acquainted with GiveStream.

The Ellicott City-based software provider is set to disrupt the traditional corporate-giving model long associated with charitable organizations. And provide a new tool to reduce turnover and boost recruiting.

According to president and CEO Dale Kelley, the conventional wisdom has been to support a top-down approach: executives determine where the company’s dollars go. But research shows that millennials and other employees today are far more likely to stay at companies that show an interest in them and the causes that are closest to their hearts.

“So we thought, what if we turned that system upside-down and allowed the employees to make the decision about where to give [the company’s] money?” says Kelley. “GiveStream helps our clients put the power of charitable giving in the hands of their employees, and then encourages them to share their personal giving experiences on social media.”

The GiveStream platform connects employers with more than 1 million IRS-approved 501 (c)(3) charities around the globe via an easy-to-use interface, letting their employees distribute corporate charitable funds to the causes they believe in.

The main benefit of the service, says Kelley, is improving cooperate culture. As an example, he points to Adashi Systems, an ETC member company and one of the first to use GiveStream. Since September 2016, 91 percent of Adashi employees participating say they now view their place of work more favorably than they did prior to taking part in the program.

“Corporations give to charity for a variety of reasons, but employee engagement is top among them,” says Kelley. “GiveStream can attract and retain a motivated workforce, while boosting company morale and reducing the need for rehires and retraining.”

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