By Henry Mortimer

When it comes to home inspections and home repair, Michael Floyd has heard plenty of horror stories. After years of working for his family’s lead-paint inspection company, he knows the dangers of lead and the value of finding the right inspector for the job.

“Lead is a major problem for families in the inner city, where there’s chipping, flaking and peeling paint everywhere,” says Floyd, founder and CEO of tech startup and ETC member company Inspectivize Technologies. “It’s easy for the kids to get lead poisoning.”

To prevent that from happening, he says, you need to hire a contractor who’s capable of handling the problem professionally. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for homeowners and real estate agents to find a reputable home inspection service provider. And the consequences of getting it wrong are dire.

That’s what inspired Floyd to create Inspecitivize, a mobile app that helps homeowners, realtors and property managers locate and book appointments with qualified inspectors in one centralized place.

“After hearing complaints for months and months, I decided to create a platform that would allow users — homeowners and realtors — to get easy access to the types of companies they actually want,” Floyd says.

Essentially, Inspectivize works like an online matching service for the home inspections market. Homeowners and others can create a profile, based on a number of attributes, to gain access to the type of company they want to hire. Conversely, inspection companies can join to gain free access to realtors and others in need of services without the added cost of marketing.

It’s a win-win for everyone, says Floyd, who expects to launch Inspecitivize in the Baltimore area in the spring of 2017, with a regional roll-out by end of year.

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