Jeremy Bedine

GridLion, Managing Director

Meet Jeremy Bedine, the Founder and Managing Director of GridLion, a real-time energy management and business intelligence platform. Based at the ETC, Jeremy is an “energy consultant” tinkering with an early-stage dashboard; but his technology vision will soon emerge from incubation and undoubtedly disrupt the future of alternative energy.

Jeremy and GridLion arrived on the Warfield radar thanks to Henry Mortimer, who mentors startup companies at the ETC. Henry has an uncanny VC-like ability to find the game changers/real innovators in Maryland’s startup ecosystem. Thanks to Henry — who was recently appointed director for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UB — for the Jeremy introduction, as well as others, including Protenus, Sisu Global, and more.

My interest in meeting Jeremy was accelerated by a book that I had recently read. “The Grid: The Fraying Wires and Our Energy Future,” by Gretchen Bakken. One of the conclusions of the book is that as solar, wind and other alternatives prove their economic viability, the grid is a challenge to scalability.

I was looking for a local grid guru, a digital entrepreneur and visionary, to help me make sense of this problem. Jeremy proved the ideal guide. The GridLion platform captures real-time utility and environmental data collected on commercial buildings, health-care facilities and indoor agriculture centers, and converts the info to usable business intelligence.

Jeremy initiated a deployment at the ETC that validates the premise and value of the GridLion platform. So he has a case study. Deb Tillett, Executive Director of the ETC described GridLion’s implementation. “After our initial conversation, I knew Jeremy was on to something. The future of energy is not just clean but sustainable and efficient and Jeremy’s solution allows users to monitor energy consumption, efficiency and value. It is the future.”

Jeremy and GridLion are poised at the ETC-like inflection point of an energy consulting business that may morph to a SaaS model. He is navigating the opportunities of energy management and the grid. He is caught between the limits of the 19th century infrastructure of the grid and the limitless 21st century opportunities of alternative energy, IOT, blockchain, sensors, and other gizmos.

So I suggested to Jeremy our first Warfield Live interview which are iPhone based, unedited and N Synch with the 120 seconds/180 characters attention span of the internet. This format is an alternative to the Warfield interviews that last 45 to 60 minutes and require a videographer rather than an “iPhonographer.”

The Warfield Live interview covers the impact of the energy “gridlock” problem, the GridLion solution, and the focus for the future. At this stage, he is not only pirouetting and genuflecting but also charging ahead. Thanks for watching.

Connect with Jeremy and Deb on LinkedIn

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